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NFT Kunst von Karin Döring

NFT-Plattformen bringt bildende Kunst in die digitale Welt.

Ausgewählte Kunstwerke von Karin Döring sind exklusiv bei Private Museum online verfügbar.

  • How and where to buy NFTs
    NFT art is purchased online. Karin Döring's NFT art can be found here: Galerie Karin Döring.
  • What is an NFT?
    An NFT (non-fungible token) is a certificate that allows you to be the exclusive owner of a digital work.
  • What are the important things to know about NFTs?
    Each NFT has a digital signature, which is critical to proving authenticity. Also, each NFT is specific to a particular artwork or digital image; the NFT links to a specified artwork/digital image via a URL. NFTs "exist" on blockchains and this is how uniqueness and ownership can be verified. Each NFT is numbered. When acquired, NFTs are underpinned by smart contracts, and these contracts use different “standards”; Private Museum Art uses the ERC-721 token standard.
  • Does an NFT also buy the artist's original painting?
    The sale of an NFT is unique and exclusive to its digital buyer and completely separate from the physical work. The artist of a physical work of art remains the sole owner. The conversion of artwork into a digital image legally allows for the presence of two distinct owners, one of the physical artwork and one of the digital artwork. Both can keep or resell their respective wer as they wish.
  • What is attractive about owning an NFT as opposed to a physical asset?
    There are numerous good reasons to purchase and own NFTs. Besides being a new, exciting and fun way to own assets, NFT ownership allows your assets to exist in perpetuity (on the blockchain). NFTs are also very collectible and tradable.  Furthermore, ownership of NFTs is indisputable and as ownership passes from one person to the next it creates an interesting history/lineage that is not readily possible with other assets. In short, NFTs can turn digital artworks into assets with great variation, history and provenance.
  • What is blockchain?
    Blockchain is primarily a technology for storing and transmitting information. This technology offers a high degree of transparency and security because it does not require a central control authority. It allows its users, connected in a network, to exchange data without intermediaries. The blockchain can be thought of as a database containing the history of all exchanges between its users since its inception.
  • What is the metaverse?
    The Metaverse refers to a shared virtual experience where land, avatars and names can be bought and sold, often using cryptocurrencies. 
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