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The thing with the red dot 🔴

I now have many collectors who have bought their very first original work of art from me. This fact really makes me very proud and is something very special for me.

Because it shows me that I can also reach people with my art who have previously had little or no access or contact with artists, art exhibitions and the purchase of original art. I think I'm able to do this because I haven't been active on the art market for that long and I've only been creating my own works of art for about 7 years.

Die Sache mit dem Roten Punkt 🔴 Karin Döring, der etwas andere Kunst-Blog

These opportunities, when I talk to people who have no experience buying works of art, show me again and again that we artists are often so deeply immersed in our subject that we are not even aware that our fellow human beings are Those who are so obvious to us, because everyday people, don't know us at all, or know only a little about them.

That's why I would like to address the matter of the red dot here. The 🔴 is probably the most beautiful thing in an artist's life, because it marks a work of art that has been sold. But it also gives the artist direct positive feedback and a wonderful confirmation of his work. As a rule, it is mainly at exhibitions and vernissages (the opening events of exhibitions) that these points are used.

You can also find them in my painting overview so that you can see immediately which works of art are currently available and which have already been sold. But please be aware of: The red dot 🔴 is a binding purchase promise to the artist. So if you're not entirely sure, ask the artist whether you can reserve a painting for a certain period of time and perhaps "test hang" it in your home to see whether it really suits you and your environment.

It is usually the case that a catalog with a price overview is displayed at an exhibition, or that the works of art have prices directly attached to the painting. If you have an overview of the price and would like to purchase YOUR ARTWORK under these conditions, then don't hesitate and approach the artist directly :-)

And now to the most important point about the red dot thing.

If you are seriously interested in buying a painting, then you must communicate this clearly. A: “I particularly like the work of art” is not yet a purchase contract.

I recently had the situation at an opening where a visitor said exactly this sentence to me about a painting. Of course I was very happy and thanked you. Then another visitor came along and in her presence said quite clearly that he wanted to talk to me about buying this work. She then (fortunately) bravely intervened and said that she had already expressed interest in the work and would like to buy it. In the end, she was the one who was allowed to put the 🔴 on the painting, but it would have made the situation easier for everyone if she had clearly expressed her interest in buying it.

Conclusion: If you have decided to buy a work of art

  1. Tell the artist or person in charge in direct words

  2. Do it now, before someone else does

Because, I can also say this from experience, the 🔴 is not only the most beautiful thing for the artist, but also for the new owner of the work of art, who can attach it to the painting themselves.

If you have any questions about purchasing art, please contact me directly or write in the comments.

Kind regards, Karin


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