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We should all be more divas.

SOPHIA Kunstwerk der Serie HUMAN STRIPES von Karin Döring

Are you a diva? Or is this term more negative for you and you don't want to be seen as such? I'm a diva. In the last few days I have been thinking about the term diva while painting a really big diva and I would like to ask you the same question again at the end of the post.

A nose that is too long, hips that are too wide, a mouth that is too big – everything about Sophia Loren seems excessive. The Italian actress shapes an entire era with her multifaceted roles. Her talent and tenacity take her to Cinecittà and Hollywood and make her a living legend and she is without a doubt a diva.

What exactly is a diva? The "official" definition.

In German, the diva (the Latin feminine for divus: divine) is initially a celebrated artist, primarily a “singer or (film) actress” (Duden. The Greek Dictionary of the German Language 1993, Vol. 2). The specific definition as someone who "makes a name for himself through eccentric airs and graces" (ibid.) is transferred to a person if he or she stands out because of "particular sensitivity [...] or something similar" (ibid.). Above all, a diva is a person who extends his performances into life beyond the theater, the screen, the stage or the concert hall, etc.


If it can be said of an actress who is completely absorbed in her profession that the boards mean the world to her, for the diva the whole world means a stage.

The Diva in 2023.

A diva today is a strong and influential female personality who is successful in various fields such as music, film, fashion, art or entrepreneurship. This is what makes a modern diva:

Talent and performance

A modern diva is characterized by exceptional talent in her respective field. She has shown hard work, dedication and commitment to succeed at the highest level.

Self-confidence and self-expression

A diva in 2023 has strong self-confidence and expresses her personality authentically. She is proud of her identity and is not afraid to express her opinions and views.

Media presence and social media

These days, divas are often present on social media platforms. They share insights into their lives, work and views to build a deeper connection with their fans.

Leadership and influence

Modern divas use their position to initiate change and spread their messages. They advocate for social, political or philanthropic causes and use their influence to achieve good.


Divas are often versatile and are involved in different areas. For example, a musician could also be an actress or work in the fashion industry.

Empowering other women

Divas in today's world are committed to empowering and supporting women. They are role models for young women and encourage them to pursue their dreams and present themselves confidently in all areas of life.


A modern diva has charisma and a strong charisma that fascinates people. Your presence and energy influence and inspire others.

Creativity and innovation

Divas are often pioneers in their industries and bring a breath of fresh air into the world through their creative ideas and innovations. They break norms and encourage new ways of thinking.

Sustainability and responsibility

Many modern divas also advocate for environmental and sustainability issues. They use their platform to raise awareness about important global issues.


And now I ask you again: Are you a diva?

I think the answer is definitely: YES! Be proud of it, show the world that you are a diva and inspire others to be even more divas with your power and example. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. Write to me directly here in the post or by email. I'm looking forward to reading from you.


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