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My yoga miracle - the birth of the LICHTGESTALT

LICHTGESTALT Kunstwerk von Karin Döring

I was inspired to create the LICHTGESTALT artworks by my own years of yoga practice.

I didn't consciously consider creating art in conjunction with yoga. The inspiration came from yoga, in the dead pose Shavasana - complete relaxation at the end of a yoga class. You lie motionless on your back so that the previous yoga class can have a physical and mental effect.

What is Shavasana?

During the final relaxation, the energy that was activated by the yoga class should be distributed throughout the body. Your mind calms down. Your entire body is consciously perceived.

Shavasana is pure relaxation and that's exactly how you should feel it. This is particularly important because during relaxation stress hormones are reduced and happiness hormones are released at the same time. In the best case scenario, you will experience a feeling of deep peace and pure bliss. You experience the body of your soul in a completely relaxed way and in silence.

Therefore, Shavasana is considered one of the deepest and most mysterious miracles in the field of yoga that can be experienced.

My Shavasana and yoga miracle was the birth and creation of the LIGHT SHAPE.

I am very thankful for that.

Namaste, Karin


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