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Inspiration is everywhere

The most common question I get asked as an artist is: What inspires you? The answer may surprise you: you.

Yes, you heard right: YOU INSPIRE ME.

Each and every person, every individual is my daily inspiration. And with all your facets and feelings.

That’s why I’m practically always “at work”; I collect people, you could say. Moods, gestures, looks and emotions. Here an eye, there a mouth, there a glow.

I collect them all and then revive them on the canvas.

So if you see new pictures of me in the future and a gesture, a look or a figure seems familiar to you, then it may well be that I picked it up in your environment or when I met you and added it to my ever-growing human experience. Added art collection.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about my blog, about my art or about it?

Then feel free to write me in the comments and I look forward to our exchange.

Kind regards, yours, Karin


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