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Dimensions:80 x 80 x 2cm

Year of creation:2021

Medium:Acrylic, fluorescent paint
Technology:Paint brush

Processing:Canvas on wooden frame

Price:sold 🔴


The artist Karin Döring misses nothing so much in November as the sunsets on hot days when you can still feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. This longing was the inspiration for the portrait SUNSET from the FACES series.
The artist paints this portrait with only 2 colors (black and white). She mixes the colors directly with the brush on the canvas and thus works out her color transitions and shades. The artist likes to add one or two other strong colors to these basic colors of the portrait, in this case pink and orange, the colors of a sunset on a hot summer day. 


VAT Included |
  • Certificate of Authenticity and Signature

    All artworks by Karin Döring are stamped with her initials on the front of the picture. On the back side you will find the signature, the title of the artwork and the year it was created. The sale takes place with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Protection against UV light and moisture

    All works of art by Karin Döring are covered with a high-quality varnish, which protects the paintings from damage caused by UV light and moisture.

  • original artwork

    This work of art is an original painting and is unique by the artist Karin Döring. All works of art that you purchase directly from the artist are available without a gallery surcharge/commission.

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