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Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 2 cm

Year of creation: 2023

Medium: Acrylic

Technology: HUMAN STRIPES® technology

Processing: canvas on wooden frame

Price on request


When the world comes to rest and only the gentle rustling of the wind can be heard, a longing as deep as the ocean itself awakens within me. A longing that seems to be whispered from the distant shores of the sea and my thoughts take a journey carries far beyond the horizon.


The deep longing for the sea is like a quiet song that resonates in my soul. It is a luminous desire fueled by memories of salt air, the sound of crashing waves and the endless shades of blue of the water. Longing draws me toward the shore with the force of an invisible tidal current, even if that shore is far away.


There is an inexplicable magic in this longing that fills my heart like a silent melody. It awakens the desire to follow the call of the sea, to transcend one's own boundaries and sink into the infinity of the ocean.




VAT Included |
  • Certificate of authenticity and signature

    All of Karin Döring's artwork is stamped with her logo. On the back of the work you will find the signature, title of the work of art and year of creation. The sale comes with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Protection against UV light and moisture

    After completion, all paintings are covered by the artist with a high-quality varnish, which protects the paintings from damage caused by UV light and moisture.

  • Original

    This work of art is an original painting and unique by the artist Karin Döring.

  • Widerrufsrecht

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