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Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 2 cm

Year of Creation: 2024

Medium: Acrylic

Technique: HUMAN STRIPES® Technique

Processing: Canvas on wooden frame

Price: on request

The painting engages with visual effects and color contrasts to make a powerful statement. At first glance, the work appears as a play of geometric shapes and stripes spread across the canvas, creating an optical illusion that challenges the viewer. The use of purple and violet tones gives the work an intense depth and complexity.

The image is divided into several layers, with the stripe patterns sometimes oriented horizontally, sometimes vertically, creating a dynamic tension. At the center of the image, the face of the portrayed individual manifests, both concealed and highlighted by the stripe fragmentation. This face conveys a calming presence, contrasting with the vibrating energy of the surrounding lines.

The "Soft Transition" serves as a metaphor for the fluid boundaries between reality and illusion, between the visible and the hidden.


VAT Included |
  • Certificate of Authenticity and Signature

    All artworks by Karin Döring are stamped with her logo. On the back of the work, you will find the signature, title of the artwork, and year of creation. The sale includes a certificate of authenticity.

  • Protection against UV light and moisture

    All paintings are coated by the artist with a high-quality varnish after completion, which protects the paintings from damage caused by UV light and moisture.

  • Original artwork

    This artwork is an original painting and a unique piece by the artist Karin Döring.

  • Widerrufsrecht

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