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Year of creation:2023, February

Medium:acrylic, ink
Technology:Brush, spatula, stylus

Processing:Canvas on wooden frame

Price:upon request


In the artwork "Flowers in February" the artist shows her creative-abstract side. Karin Döring, who is otherwise better known for her realistic and figurative works, has given free rein to her intuition and her ability to use colors in this work of art in order to create an expressive work of art.


The painting contrasts with strong magenta and lilac tones, which are interrupted by luminous accents in yellow-green, turquoise and a fluorescent pink. This color combination gives the work of art a lightness and cheerfulness that brings color to the viewer's soul.


The colors are deliberately at odds with the cold season and convey a feeling of warmth and sun, which is particularly longed for at this time. "February Flowers" is a colorful and inspiring work of art that delights the viewer with its intensity and energy. It is a work of art that leaves you with joy and lightness and brings color into everyday life.


"I love bringing color to the canvas and letting my creativity run free. Whether figurative or abstract, each of my works carries a part of me. Sometimes I just have to get creative Surrender to the process and work intuitively. That's how my abstract flowers come about. The colors flow without my control, creating an explosion of color on the canvas. The colors fuse together to form a unique work of art." Karin Doring


VAT Included |
  • Certificate of Authenticity and Signature

    All artworks by Karin Döring are stamped with her initials on the front of the picture. On the back side you will find the signature, the title of the artwork and the year it was created. The sale takes place with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Protection against UV light and moisture

    All works of art by Karin Döring are covered with a high-quality varnish, which protects the paintings from damage caused by UV light and moisture.

  • original artwork

    This work of art is an original painting and unique by the artist Karin Döring. 

  • Widerrufsrecht

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